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    Installing Flash on a new iMac

      Ok... here's my problem.

      I'm trying to install Flash CS3 on my new iMac. I've got Flash 8 on it, works fine. When I put in the Flash CS3 DVD, I get no installer or anything. I get a window with the following items:

      Adobe Extension Manager.webloc
      Adobe Flash CS3 Professional (folder)
      Adobe Reader 8 (folder)
      Adobe Solutions Network (folder)
      Documentation (folder)
      Flash CS3 Professional Read Me.html
      Goodies (folder)

      Looking inside the Adobe Flash CS3 Professional folder, there is a "Setup.app" which I launched, but it only wants to install the player, not the full app. There is nothing that says "Install Flash" or "Flash Installer" anywhere. The read me says "If the installer does not launch automatically, navigate to the application folder found at the root level on your disk and double-click Setup Mac OS® to start the installation process." There is nothing of the sort on the disk... no applications folder on the root level, just the things referenced above.

      Any insights or thoughts on what I'm dealing with would be appreciated. I'm dead in the water w/out Flash and this is very frustrating.

      Dan P.