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    youtube video playback not working

      HI all. I am just using Presenter7 as a trial to see if it will allow me to conver the many powerpoint presentations into swf file so that i can put them live on my website in Flash format.
      I have youtube videos streaming in to my powerpoints (.pptx) which works excellently.
      However, when I use Presenter7 to publish as an swf, the playback button is in accessable and i cannot start the playback.
      Any ideas?
      I would like to control the playback myself, rather than just setting the video to automatically play on enter into the slide.
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          AAnkurA Adobe Employee
          Adobe Presenter does not support streaming videos so you can not include youtube videos in your Presenter created output.

          There is an option in "Edit Video" feature of Presenter named "time delay" using that your video will play after the specified time duration.This option can only be applied on videos which are either imported or captured using Presenter