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    Printing Drop Down text

      I suspect I know the answer to this question but I thought I would try and post in case there has been some new resolution to this issue that hasn't been posted.

      I'm working RHX5 and generate Webhelp exculsively. I have a great custom skin on my help file along with the custom Print button added to the skin. I've searched through this forum, and through Peter and Rick's site but still can't find anything. I'm wondering if there's any way my audience can click on the Print button in the skin and print the HTML page, including the drop down text. I have the Show All and Hide All buttons but it doesn't matter how much you try and tell the user to use these features, they don't. They just want to click the print button and print all the information on the page.

      Is there a script I can borrow to do this? I've read a few posts that address this by creating a PDF document with the same information and users can print this but that seems like a lot of work (several hundred individual help files), just to print out a page.

      Here's hoping I get lucky.