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    unloading flv's


      I have a home page that loads several flv's. I am also trying to give the user the ability to view the page without video. When the user clicks a button on the home page, it sets a cookie that reloads the page with a different swf file that does not contain any flv's. However, since it takes a second or two for the cookie to be read, the initial swf has started loading, and even though the entire swf is swapped out with the "video-less" swf, those original flv's continue to load in the background, slowing everything down even though the user wants no part of the video. Any ideas how to solve this?

      fyi, another feature of the home page shares a similar problem. The user is to select one of 3 "personal assistants" who will be their guide through the rest of the site. Once they've selected, another cookie is set. Each time they return, the initial swf checks for a cookie, and then displays a static image of the character they have selected. At this point, I am also trying to "unload" all of the swfs, but they still load in the background. I have tried both "unloadMovie(movieName);" and "stream_ns.Clear();".

      the site may be seen here:

      First Entertainment Credit Union »

      Thanks in advance!