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    CFFEED Error message

    trubel Level 1
      I get this message:

      Unable to read the feed source file C:\websites\dev\http:\rss.news.yahoo.com\rss\mideast

      I am trying to use the cffeed. Everything works fine when I use a static feed. But when I try to loop through my db table that contains the RSS Name and RSS Feed, I get the above error message. "C:\websites\dev\" is the web server path. What is causing this to happen? When I manually enter the rss feed in the source attribute it works fine.

      works..<cffeed action="read" source=" http://rss.news.yahoo.com/rss/mideast " properties="meta" query="items">
      won't work <cffeed action="read" source="#RSS.RSSFEED#" properties="meta" query="items">