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    AIR application descriptor XSD 1.1 is invalid

      I can't find any place to report this in Adobe's JIRA, so I'm posting this issue here in the hopes that someone from the AIR team will notice.

      I was attempting to script creating application creation using JAXB and discovered that the XML schema defined in Descriptor.1.1.xsd is invalid. There appear to be three issues:

      1. The 'name' and 'extension' element definitions contain both a 'type' attribute and wrap a <simpleType> (lines 92 and 100). This is not a valid definition.
      2. On line 146, the <attribute> definition trys to reference the 'xml:lang' attribute, but this is invalid, since as there's no import.
      3. The attribute definition on line 146 is actually invalid in any case for a <simpleType>.

      These errors can be confirmed with the W3C Schema Validator.