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    go to slide not working as expected

      following exactly the instruction for modifying the Go To target of a slide,


      But there seems to be a bug. While the "go to" slide will work fine if the slide advance is automatic, it is broken if the slide is set to "advance by user".

      Here is my situation. I've got a slide, call it slide 1, with 4 images. Each image jumps to another slide in the presentation. My goal is to let users use this slide as a branching point. So I've set the slide to "advance by user", with audio saying "click on pictures, when you are ready to move on, start the presentation again". The pictures link to page 2, 3, 4, and 5. I've set the go to slide to point to slide 6.

      But, if you hit the 'forward" button, it advances to the next slide (slide 2). If you set the page to automatically advance, then the page jumps properly to page 6.

      Needless to say, I don't want the slide to automatically advance, as the users might be deciding where to go next. Also, on manual advance, I want it to jump to the right place, rather than forcing the users to click through all the intermediate slides.
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          Good day. I have a suggestion to your problem. In my case if I need to have an object in the presentation screen(like a button) that when clicked jumps to a specific slide(EXCEPT for quizzes) use the powerpoint insert action command the select the slide to where it should go.

          But the problem with this is that sometimes its working sometimes its not so you should test it after you publish it. For what reason I dont know. I hope this helps.

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            AAnkurA Adobe Employee
            I dont know if it is a feasible solution for you but you can add another image or hyperlink in your first slide which is taking users to sixth slide.
            You can name the link as 'use this to move ahead'.

            I know this may not be the acceptable solution.