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    Possible bug in lineto

      I'm working on a component that descends from ScrollControlBase. The internal component that I am scrolling is a specialised grid. Sometimes it can be very wide, and as with usual ScrollControlBase components I am masking the area I want to see.

      When I draw horizontal lines that are > 32767 pixels I suddenly get very fat lines, even though I have specified a 0.5 width...
      g.lineStyle(0.5, 0xCCCCCC, 1);
      g.moveTo(0, y);
      g.lineTo(w, y);

      The worst is at exactly 32768 and then they get thinner again!

      At the moment I change w to 65535 if w > 32767 - which works but is kinda weird.

      The cut-over is exactly 32768 so I suspect that there must be some old 16-bit code lurking in the Adobe code somewhere.

      Can anyone verify this?