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    Compile problem with SWC

      I have a Flex library SWC file (projectA) that makes reference to the AIR File class. This SWC is compiled ok

      I have a second Flex library project (projectB) that uses the above SWC library file. It uses a few classes from the above SWC, but none of the classes that reference the File class. There are zero references to any of the AIR classes in projectB.

      When I try to compile projectB, I get this error "Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: File". There is no specific reference in the error with regards to which Class has an error. Again, nothing in projectB calls out to, imports or otherwise references the File class. This is being compiled in Flex Builder 3

      Why is this error showing up? I come from a Java background. When I create a compiled bytecode Java JAR that references library X. If I reference this JAR file in another project, I can compile that project OK without having to include library X yet again, as everything is compiled in the JAR file that needs it.

      Is this not the same with SWCs?