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    Flash 10 Beta plugin

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      Has anyone try the Flash 10 Beta plugin on Firefox 3.0.3. I'm using Flash
      9.0 r124 and encountered audio problems (spluttering, disjointed sounds)
      with the videos on the CNN news site ( http://www.cnn.com) when viewing in
      Full Screen mode.

      Someone suggested I upgrade to version Flash 10 Beta.

      But then, another person cautioned that "Some websites don't recognise
      Flash 10, as they don't check the version correctly....
      This is purely the fault of the Website programmers not getting the code
      right to detect Flash 10.." As a result, I haven't bothered to go thru'
      the hassle of uninstalling Flash 9 and then installing the version 10 Beta.

      Any advice? Thanks

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          RossRitchey Level 4
          I am using the prerelease player10 in all of my browsers at the moment, and have since it was out in the first public beta. I have yet to find a website that has problems.

          It is true, that many detection scripts will break with player10. A lot of the scripts only look at either the first number in the major version of the player, or look at the last number in the major version, and the first number in the minor version. Either way, the script would see version 1, or version 0.0, and determine that the player you have is too old.

          That said, the embed method that has been standard for quite some time now does work with player 10, and therefore I haven't run across any problems with version detection.

          Player 10 is going to be publicly released soon (as CS4 will pretty much require that player 10 is out, and CS4 is rumored to be shipping around November 14), and if you are concerned I would wait until then to upgrade. But these detection problems are not new, every new major version release of the player gives detection scripts problems. Player 9 was especially bad, likely because a lot of sites were starting to use the detection scripts to get around the IE activate to use issues.

          Note: Looking at cnn.com videos, I note that I am unable to go full-screen. It doesn't seem to be picking up the double-click that is necessary.