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    User Redirection on Login

    Tuhin Ghosh Level 3

      Good Morning Community,

      I have to redirect different user to different pages after login based on their profile, such as User A would be landed on /content/project/product/path1 and User B would be landed on /content/project/product/path2

      Have anyone implemented something like this?
      Now what I understand from this is we might need to override authentication handler for this, correct? I am also was thinking how the session would be managed? Like if user A logs in and then closes the browser and then again come back and hit the website he should be taken to the desired home page, would this be taken care by the OOTB AEM functionality or we need to write custom code for the same. I have not much experience on working with Login Module. So please bare with me if I have asked some silly questions.

      Thanks and Regards,