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    Unknown Safari browser versions in SiteCatalyst


      We use browser reports to inform our desktop/mobile web site design and to inform our dev and QA support effort for different browser versions.

      We are trying to transition from our in house browser reports to SiteCatalyst.
      One problem I noticed: There are a large number of Safari browser visits which do not have version information. This is both with desktop-macintosh and mobile-iOS.
      This skews results, since we cant put these safari browsers into their version buckets. Other browsers (e.g. chrome mobile etc.) are reported correctly, with relatively few unknown versions.

      Is this (unknown Safari browser versions) something that can be fixed in SiteCatalyst reporting or am I missing something?

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        If you are capturing browser manually than you need to populate in variable to get the report .


        Sitecatalyst automatically capture is system environment which falls under technology report.

        Once latest version roll-out in market , it will get updated into sitecatlyst database which fix the "unknown version"   for future.