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    Moving markers

      In a cartesian chart, I have four series, three line and one column series. I want to show moving markers on all of the four series, when mouse is moved in chart region. Moving markers like circle...

      For that, I am using array of items which I have got through items property of series object. and with the help of that array I am getting x and y co-ordinates of each item.

      I am then passing these co-ordinates to localToGlobal function on series object to get global co-ordinates. After this, I am getting the item with minimum diff between its co-ordinates and the point where mouse is.

      But the thing is, I am not getting exact item at the place, where the mouse is. For whole width of an item on X-axis, i am getting that item when the mouse is at the middle of that width.
      Here is the sample code.....
      var arrSeries:Array=(ChartBase)(myPanel.getChildAt(1)).series;
      for(var i:int=0;i<arrSeries.length;i++)
      var arrItem:Array=arrSeries .items;

      var flag:int=-1;
      var diff:int=100000000000;
      for(var j:int=0;j<arrItem.length;j++)
      for(var j:int=0;arrItem && j<arrItem.length;j++)
      var p:Point =arrSeries
      .localToGlobal(new Point(arrItem[j].x,arrItem[j].y));

      if(diff>Math.abs(Math.ceil(p.x-event.currentTarget.mou*No thank you*)))
      diff=Math.abs(Math.ceil(p.x-event.currentTarget.mou*No thank you*));

      showValues(arrSeries .yField,arrItem[flag]);