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    Rendering CQ templates as part of servlet call on the same resource

    PuzanovsP Level 4

      Currently working on the PoC where I have a servlet that listens on CQ resource e.g.

      @Component(metatype = true, label = "IndexingPage") @Service @Properties({ @Property(name = "sling.servlet.resourceTypes", value = {"indexing/components/pages/page"}), @Property(name = "sling.servlet.methods", value = "GET"), @Property(name = "sling.servlet.extensions", value = { "html" }) })

      Servlet performs logic to retrieve data from another system, after servlet finish I want to render a page using CQ templating mechanism e.g. natively I would call

      Resource resource = request.getResource(); request.getRequestDispatcher(resource.getPath() + ".html", new RequestDispatcherOptions()).forward(request, response);

      However, since they both listen on the same path and servlet just keeps executing itself I get Recursion too deep exception...

      To solve this have used a native approach with ServletResolver service:

      final Servlet servlet = servletResolver.resolveServlet(request.getResource(), "/apps/indexing/components/pages/page/page.jsp"); request.setAttribute("data", dataFromAnotherSystem); servlet.service(request, response);

      Now, when I call the servlet it first triggers servlet to assemble the data from indexing system and then triggers the cq:Template by calling it's root jsp file.

      While it works, it doesn't feel like the best approach to this problem.

      What would be a better approach ?