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    Contribute login error


      I've recently been tasked with taking care of a contribute server that I did not install. Yesterday I reset the admin password for the administrative interface at https://host:8900/contribute/admin, after that I restarted contribute.

      Now when users attempt to log in using the contribute client they get the error "Error in readKeyFile decryptKey decryptKey(). Error Given final block not properly padded" as seen here:


      Authentication is configured to use LDAPS and authenticate against a Novell LDAP server. We upgraded the server that contribute runs on about 2 months ago, at that time all we had to do was start the contribute server and everything worked. As far as I know nothing has changed since then but the restart yesterday broke client authentication for some reason.

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          jklawson Level 1
          This problem ended up being a due to Contribute finding the wrong version of openssl libraries at runtime. I'm running Contribute on Solaris 10 which has the following Sun distributed openssl libraries:




          Since /usr/lib was before /usr/sfw in the runtime library search path contribute was using the 0.9.6 version of the library. When I changed the search path so it found the 0.9.7 version authentication started working again.

          I'm only assuming it's the openssl libraries that were the problem since the error was encryption related, I have no way to verify that, it could be another library.

          My runtime link path now looks like this on Solaris 10:

          crle -c /var/ld/ld.config -l /usr/sfw/lib:/opt/lib:/opt/mysql/lib:/lib:/usr/lib

          I've opened a call with Adobe technical support in hopes that they'll fix this bug (at least throw a warning if openssl libs are wrong version).