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    Multiple skins

    invisibleBlade Level 1
      Hi all,
      I have been using flex for less than a week so apologies if I ask dumb questions.
      I am building an app that has several buttons which need to be styled in two separate ways. I used the flash cs3 templates to create a swc file of one skin and imported it and it worked fine, I then duplicated the instance in the Flash library, set the linkage, edited the graphics and re exported the swc. After importing the new skins I have set my css to read:
      .button01{skin: Embed(skinClass="Button_skin");}
      .red{skin: Embed(skinClass="Button_skin_red");}
      and set the styleName properties of my buttons to match (button01 and red). When I publish the project it works but the styles do not show up in design view which is a real pain.

      Is this a bug or have I done this the wrong way?
      Does anyone know of any good, in depth tutorials on using multiple skins?

      I am using FlexBuilder 3 and Flash CS4

      Thanks in advance