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    switching from library to streaming music?

    shintashi Level 1
      I just finished my program and I have two versions saved. The program attaches the music file to an mc and all is hunky dory. The first file doesn't have the music files in it's library, so they obviously don't play, but everything else works and its about 600 kb. The second file has the two files in the library and they play normally, but the program is over 11 megs, and my host max is something like 10mb. I don't have software to reduce bit quality and when I tried to do so in flash the program size shot up to 255 mb and glitched madly.

      Instead of reducing file size I get the impression it is more expedient to host the two files somewhere, and stream them, except I don't know how to do this. If it helps, I can post the current code I have in the music section of my program.