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    File Uploading?

      I am new at Air, and I am making an application. The only thing I can't figure out is how to upload files inside the application onto my websites server. (ex. mysite.com/airuploads/uploads/whateversomeoneuploads.txt) I need this as soon as possible to release my apps beta. Also, please try to make your explanation clear, because I have been googling all night, but no one explains where the code goes. I am using Flex Builder 3. Cold Fusion for server side is preferred, but it can be anything.

      Thank you for any help,
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          buabco Level 1

          There is no easy way of doing what you ask. I've been able to do it by manually creating the header fields of a file upload transaction according the the RFC-1867. This was hard but it worked (I think I still have the class for this somewhere).

          Still there are some issues I've noticed specially on the way a bytearray is converted into string before you send it to the server, and I got errors when sending image data (Strangly not when sending gziped data). Still this was solved by BASE64 encoding the bytearray before sending it, this also meant adding some code on the server side to base64 decode the file.