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    Import framemaker file from Robohelp

      I tried to "add a framemaker file by reference" from RoboHelp. But it throws an error like, "ABC.fm could not be opened. Please verify this is a valid framemaker document".
      Although the framemaker document is valid, yet i get this error. Any help on this will be appreciated. FYI, i have Framemaker8 and Robohelp7 for HTML in my system.
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          I'm using unstructured FM and RH7, and I've had this happen when the FM file gets up around 15,000 KB. I don't know where the limitation is--hardware or software, or a combination--but I have a new laptop with upgraded RAM etc so, I suspect it's software.

          To get around it, I've broken my FM docs. into smaller ones and put them into books to get them over to RH7. It makes for a lot of FM docs for me, but with a deadline looming 2 weeks away, I'll do anything that works! I hope it helps you out.