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    Back button

    captivating1 Level 1
      Good afternoon,

      A while back I wrote in asking for assistance regarding the use of the back button. It was not going to the previous screen instead it was going forward. The suggestion given was to check "Quiz Preferences" to make sure that "allow for backward movement" was enabled and it was. So, I am still having the same issue. Could it be that I am asking the system to go back to the scoring page? Is that something that does not work and I am trying to make it work?

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you all.

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          happystar73 Level 1
          When you make your question slides are they graded? Under the question slide options, do you have the 'Back' button option checked?
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            captivating1 Level 1
            Hi Dean. Thank you for trying to help me. Yes, I do have the back button option checked. Since I can't seem to get it to work, I have opted to jump to the slide before the score sheet, then one can click next to the score sheet again. Not the most sophisticated and adept solution, but it works.

            Thanks for you help.