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    Save for Web and Devices (Illustrator style?)

    jdldn Level 1
      Ive used the slice tool to mark out the images for exporting from my Fireworks document.

      Does Fireworks have a 'Save for Web and Devices' feature like Illustrator does? I want to have the 4-up display where you can see the original image and file size in one section and use the others to vary the JEPG/ GIF settings to get the best combination of file size and image quality. I want to be able to save different settings for each slice (as you can do in Illustrator).

      I cant find this feature but it seems weird that a web image optimization program wouldn't have it. I tired opening my file with Illustrator and Photoshop but the slices wernt imported aswell.

      Ive got CS3, is this option in CS4?