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    Temporary files from URLStream or FileStream

    TheDude7563 Level 1

      I have prepared a downloader type applications for my users. The app downloads large files (2-4 GB) providing users with ability to pause/resume downloads. Everything seems to be working fine, but users are complaining that the AIR app stores large temporary files on system drive (even when the app is downloading files to another volume).

      The data is "sucked" from the web by http via the URLStream object, and then dumped to the user-selected path via the FileStream object.

      Every n amount of seconds I preform a dump like this:

      So it should remove bytes prom UrlStream and put it in to the FileStream. And looking at the system memory usage it does that exactly. Used memory grows slowly from 20 MB to ~30MB and when the dump is preformed it drops back to 20 MB. The file on the HDD also increases in size every time the dump is performed.

      So why those temporary files? Why are they created, and what can be done to avoid it?