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    CS4 and multiple montiors

      Of course there is. The GUI or screen renderer is NON STANDARD. Why did Adobe choose a non standard renderer? Now the application opens on primary monitor no matter if i move it to the other one and close it there. All the Windows applications that are respecting the system remember the window :-(

      Also the buttons for MultiMon to move from screen to screen are not on top of the other buttons not incorporated in the window of FW CS4 (all the CS4 in fact). Therefore I know something is vcery wrong in the windows layer respect.

      I have about 50 programs, only CS4 behaves so badly.

      Also when opening and especialy closing Fireworks CS4 screen is flickering (not the secondary where I moved Fireworks but primary one).

      All in all, a big dissapointement about the beta comtrol and the way FW is going.