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    First loading prolem.

      Dear all,

      I used Liferay framework, Adobe Flex 3 Chart, extjs , Java technology to build a site and to embed .swf file (version 10.0.12 ) into jsp page, I used SWFObject 2.1

      My homepage have two small chart (coded in the same way) .When I open homepage with IE7, everything is OK but with FireFox 3 , I meet a problem .

      - With first chart , placed in center of home page, I just see two axis and gridlines instead of lines . I change tab to reload data and I can see lines as requirement. Problem in the first loading .
      - With second chart, placed in the footer . When I scroll down , it's begin drawing and show lines normally .

      There's a pleasant . I swaped the place of two chart and now I met same problem with second chart . It mean : the problem will occur to chart is put in the area that user can see . Chart that user have to scroll down to view can be load normally.

      Embeding codes :

      Can you tell me what happen with my charts or give me a guide to solve my problem.
      Thanks for reading.