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    Problem installing Air on XP

      I've read some of the posts in the forum related to installation problems, but could not find one that answered my problem.
      I'm just starting to develop in AIR, I have the SDK and using Adobe Flash. I can create Air applications and run them from the Flash IDE, but I was not able to install the regular Air player/plugin. (I want to use the "Badger" app to package my own...)

      I tried a direct install from the website, installing from command line, and also installing through the dialog that pops up when I install an Aid application. Whenever I click on the installer, nothing happens, no error, or anything.
      When I try to install an air app, it now moves to attempting to install (the app, not Air itself), but then freezes once I approve the installation path.

      I checked in the add/remove programs interface, and Air is not there. I also checked for the registry value mentioned earlier, nothing.
      If it helps, I have Windows XP, multiple Adobe products installed, Air SDK.

      Any help would be appreciated!
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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          You need to install AIR Runtime to be able to install your AIR app.

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            Nadav_A Level 1
            I know that. My errors are in installing the Air runtime, and I've tried any way I could think of.
            Also, I saw some other comments with installation problems mention an installation log file, but mine does not generate anything. I simply click on AdobeAIRInstaller.exe and nothing happens. From command line, windows explorer, or the web download.
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              tzeng Adobe Employee
              To generate the AIR Runtime installation log, you need to create a file named .airinstall.log in your home directory.

              You can read more details here:

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                Nadav_A Level 1
                Thanks! Didn't know about this method.

                The log says:
                Performing runtime install
                UI SWF load is complete
                UI initialized
                starting user confirmation
                Installation type: new

                At this point the process halts and I have to terminate it in order to get access to the log file.

                Also, I checked my Windows Task Manager:
                I have 2 processes created when I click on AdobeAIRInstaller.exe.
                AdobeAIRInstaller.exe. Mem Usage - 3,888K
                Adobe AIR Installer.exe. Mem Usage - 28.984K
                Both remain in memory but seem to be idling (taking up no CPU cycles).

                Would this information by any chance help debug what is going wrong?
                Thanks again!