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    Flash crashing when moving from scene to scene

      Hi I really need some help with this issue, I'm under a tight deadline!
      I moved from an older copy of flash running on a desktop with hp to a newer laptop with Vista (had to switch as I was running out of memory and it was taking several minutes at a time to execute simple commands like "add keyframe"). I installed flash and everything worked great for a few hours. Once I saved, however, I could no longer navigate from scene to scene. Flash quits working, and I get the generic Vista message "This program has stopped working...." I tried reinstalling to no avail. I tried taking the file back to my older desktop and was told "a share violation has occured." So I don't even know if it is a corrupt file. I have tried doing a save as to rewrite the file, I have tried loading earlier versions of the file, same problem:
      I cannot move from scene to scene, but only with certain scenes.
      I cannot output a test scene or test movie.
      Can anyone help me? This deadline is looming and this is 2 months worth of work!