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    Container resizing inside VdividedBox

    coulix Level 1

      I have a strange behavior in the following simple code

      <mx:VDividedBox width="20%" top="10" bottom="10" >
      <view:VideoView id="VideoView" />
      <view:ChatView id="ChatView" />

      the ChatView is composed of a CustomPanel with a button to collapse the panel in his title bar.
      As you can see here: http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/3807/flexbugqk4.jpg

      When i click on the button straight after the application loaded nothing happen (just a tiny strange blink) the chatView does not resize. However if i grab the DividedBar and move it by little then clic on the button the collapsing pane works as expected.

      It seems as if the container could not resize himself untill i touched his parent ...
      I tried:

      DispatchEvent(new DividerEvent("dividerReleased", true)); in my cutom panel collapsing call but it did no help.

      A dirty hack working is adding this line to the init of my application
      vd.getDividerAt(0).y = vd.getDividerAt(0).y + 1;
      where vd is the dividedBox id.

      I am sure there is a real solution to this problem.

      Thanks a lot