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    User form layout GUI

    flashharry! Level 1
      Not sure this is the right place to ask this, but as this forum as been great help, I thought I would try.
      I'm about to start a new project, very simple data processing app, present form, collect data and mine out to administrators.

      The twist is that the table fields are dynamic and administrator can add any type of field they want to capture data.

      I have done this in the past, once the data is added, the admin can layout the forms in HTML, and add tags that represent the DB fields. These HTML files are used as templates and we simply swap the tags out in PHP with the database info as we display the forms to the user.

      I need to do the same thing in flex. I need to be able to allow an admin to layout the form data anyway they wish and then save that out and use that in a flex form.

      My thoughts are a drag and drop GUI on a canvas. A simple list on the side shows the DB fields as flex components. Text input if text field, numeric stepper, checkbox etc. Then a master list of label fields and lines etc. The DB list assets can only be drag once on to the canvas and the master items such as labels and lines drag as many times as needed to make look and feel.

      Then save out the whole canvas as an xml template. Then when the form is needed, parse XML and dynamically create the form objects and layout based on the XML.

      So my question, anyone ever done this or seen anything like this and can point me to a sample.

      Thanks in advance.