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    How to determine when shared library components in a child swf is loaded

      Exported for player 8, AS2, per client's corporate environment

      I have a parent swf that loads in several child swfs. Some child swfs use a runtime shared library for components.
      When each child swf is loaded (using onLoadInit) the parent swf scans the child swf looking for recognizable instance names so it can apply functionality.

      This worked fine until I moved the components into a shared runtime library. Now it seems that the scan is being triggered before the shared components are available on the stage.

      Is there a way to determine when the shared components are:
      A. Present on the stage, as not all child swfs have them
      B. Loaded

      Ideally without adding code to the child swfs, as there are a lot of them and I'd prefer to keep them as dumbed down as possible.

      Thanks for any help!