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    Jim Daniel
      Is there a way to control the spacing between items of a menuBar?
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          -Hob Level 1
          Use the horizontalGap style property. If you're in mxml you can just set it like:

          <mx:MenuBar horizontalGap="5"/>

          If you're in actionscript you'll need to use setStyle:

          var menuBar:MenuBar = new MenuBar();
          menuBar.setStyle('horizontalGap', 5);
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            Jim Daniel Level 1

            It seems that horizontalGap is not a style property of MenuBar. I check both the documentation on MenuBar and even tried it in the code (got an error message when I compiled). Didn't try the ActionScript version, just MXML.
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              Antony Chauviré



              You set a style name like :




                   horizontalGap: 20;



              and you set a style for your MenuBar :




                   menuStyleName: subMenu;