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    Loading SWF Modules for directory other than Application

      To the quick of it:

      I have created modules in separate projects. We have them on a 'file share'. The user accesses a module store and selects the module they want to load. We download the module to the 'Store directory' used by applicationStorageDirectory function. I then load the module from that location (full path) and -- swf load error using Module Manager -- found out modules must be in Application directory in order to run under the same 'sand box'. So I can download the module into the store directory but can't execute the swf...humm....

      OK, tried to install the module in the application folder under 'dynamic_modules' directory -- security error -- can't write to application directory in Air (as the docs say).

      Now, I Can't switch domain context and since the modules are ON the same machine (different directories) -- I don't have a cross-domain.xml file so....

      Catch 22 -- how can I have dynamic modules that are NOT compiled into the app (and thus in the app directory) and be able to pull them down @ rutime (where I want to write them to the store directory) and launch them?