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    Graphics not displayed when topic accessed from index

      When a topic is accessed from the index, by clicking on an index keyword, graphics in the topic do not display. An Active X control is sometimes asked for, before the topic will display, but not always. When the topic is accessed from the Table of Contents, it displays just fine. I originally had two topics for this material, and the graphic would not display, either from the TOC, or the index, but reduced it to one topic, and ensured that all index references pointed to that single topic, which then made it possible for things to display from the TOC. This is the only topic in the entire file that acts this way. Most of the topics in the file have embedded graphics (JPGs), and all work just fine, with this one exception. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

      PS. It would appear that one of the topics may have been corrupted in some way. Since I deleted the one topic, and then have deleted the index items, then re-inserted those index items, and reconnected the index items to the single topic, everything is working correctly. Again, any information would be appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there

          If I were seeing different behavior between whether the topic presented was presented from the Index or the TOC, I'd be highly suspicious of the topic(s) in question. I'd carefully display each. Then I'd right click each topic and note the properties. Specifically the file name and location.

          My guess is that you will find there are actually two different topics. One you may be totally unaware of. A "doppelganger" topic, if you will.

          Cheers... Rick