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    how to handle SSO vs non-SSO from single source


       Hi Gurus,

      We have a framework which has traditionally used Adobe Pass for an AVOD solution. Of course since Apple released SSO we've had a number of our brands begin participating in that program. We've been quite successful using the Adobe Pass beta to get those clients' apps in the store. The problem is maintaining our product for clients who aren't interested in participating in SSO. It doesn't seem there is a good way to disable the SSO functionality. I realize the SSO support is not part of the Adobe main line SDK yet, but as we are trying to build a solution that is forward thinking and our client needs are immediate, should our team be looking at building advanced scripts and conditional logic that allow us to use different versions of Adobe Pass based on whether or not we are using the SSO version of the SDK, or is the plan to have a unified Adobe Pass SDK with an option for simply enabling or disabling the functionality?

      Any insight is greatly appreciated.