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    Upcoming Ask the Expert Session

    Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

      Community Members,

      We are working to put together an "Ask the Expert" session centered around the Marketing Cloud and Enterprise Dashboard. We are looking for suggestions on what you'd like to see covered. Please join the conversation in the comments to ensure this session is as beneficial as possible.

      Below, is a list of possible topics. Please let me know which topics you'd be most interested in, or if there are others that aren't yet listed.

      • What is Adobe's cloud?
        • Marketing
        • Creative
        • Document
      • Why join the Marketing Cloud?
        • Benefits
        • Prerequisites
        • Cost
        • Migration process
        • Future of Adobe solutions
      • Managing Users
        • Adding new users
        • Migrating existing users
        • Product groups
        • Product admin
        • Permission levels
        • SSO
      • Multiple vs single cloud organizations
        • Integrations
        • User management
        • Data
        • Creative/Document


      Community Manager, Marketing Cloud Core Services

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          marina.bear Level 2

          Hi Jantzen,

          It would be useful to have a session like that.

          I would be most interested in the following topics:

          • Future of Adobe solutions for 6-12 month ahead
          • SSO (Federated ID): transition from idp to sp initiated
          • Multiple vs single cloud organizations - overview
          • Integrations - Adobe API - how to restrict user access to read-only (GET)
          • Architectural view of segment data floating between Adobe Products - Cloud Core Services - Audience Manager - data latency and restrictions


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            Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

            Thanks for the feedback Marina! The future of Adobe solutions portion is difficult since these would be roadmap items that are typically not discussed without an NDA. The rest of the items are definitely possibilities. I'll add these to my list.


            Stay tuned....