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    Video Heartbeat for multiple videos

    plamen_terziev Level 1


      My iOS app shows many videos at the same time and I'd like to use Video Heartbeat tracking. 

      I am following the sample provided and create ADB_VHB_VideoPlayerPlugin, ADB_VHB_AdobeAnalyticsPluginConfig and ADB_VHB_AdobeHeartbeatPlugin which are added to ADB_VHB_Heartbeat object. However this works for only one video. What I need to create tracking for multiple videos? Should I create each time new stack of ADB_VHB_VideoPlayerPlugin, ADB_VHB_AdobeAnalyticsPluginConfig, ADB_VHB_AdobeHeartbeatPlugi n and ADB_VHB_Heartbeat object or I can reuse some of them?


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