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    #AdobeChat Mar 8th 2017- Mobile Marketing

    Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

      Hi Everyone,

      This week's Adobe Chat was centered around Moble Marketing. This week's questions were:

      Q1: In your own words, why is mobile so important to organizational success today?
      Q2: Where should new mobile marketers start? Step 1? Step 2? Step 3?
      Q3: US mobile usage now exceeds desktop use, 51% compared to 42%. Why the shift?
      Q4: App vs. mobile web—how do you decide what's best for your organization?
      Q5: What type of content is most important for mobile experiences?
      Q6: What components/features make for a best-in-class mobile experience? What factors can make or break it?
      Q7: What is the best brand experience you have ever had on mobile? What made it so good?
      Q8: How has mobile marketing evolved, and what will the future of mobile marketing look like?

      Please join us each Wed at 1PM PST/4PM EST on Twitter using #AdobeChat

      Feel free to add your own answers using the comments below.