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    combo box question

      I have a file.. in it has a status..
      pending -- resolved -- assigned -- new

      I have those in an array..
      when i get the xml and check
      public var choice:int;
      if ( line == new ) {
      } else if ( line == pending ) {
      } else if ( line == .....

      then i have an array setup to match those numbers to my items...
      <mx:Array id="pickme" >

      <mx:ComboBox width="92" height="20" x="486" y="9" dataProvider="{pickme}" selectedIndex="{choice}" ></mx:ComboBox>

      when i run trace..
      my choice shows the correct # for the start of my combo box.. but i get the last entry of that combo box, and not the pick that should be shown according to selectedIndex... anyone have an idea why?