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    Adobe Summit 2017 L4242 - Server-side testing and personalization: Experimentation unchained

    Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

      Summit Attendees,

      Please use this discussion for a review of the lab and a place to ask additional questions regarding the lab.


      Who said marketers get to have all the fun with A/B testing? The power of Adobe Target is not just in the hands of business users. Unlock the full potential of the Adobe Target stack with our server-side delivery APIs, and take Adobe Target everywhere—isomorphic JavaScript apps, set-top boxes, video game consoles, in-store kiosks, ATMs—while testing everything. Learn about server-side testing and what sets it apart from a traditional implementation

      In this hands-on lab:

      • Implement Adobe Target on an isomorphic server-side react.js application and integrate it with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager
      • Learn how to leverage Adobe Target in non-JavaScript applications
      • Discover the more than 40 APIs available on our API gateway, Adobe.IO