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    Setting up new Reports & Analytics users via Adobe Marketing Cloud Administration tool

    jorisdebeer Level 2

      Does anyone have any good resources on the "right" way to setup users and groups in Adobe Marketing Cloud specifically for Adobe Analytics (Reports & Analytics)?

      For a recent project, I created a new User Group in Marketing Cloud, added the Adobe Analytics product to the group, and then invited about a dozen users via email.

      Unfortunately most users had a poor on-boarding experience because for some reason, they weren't assigned to a legacy group in their Adobe Analytics profiles. So their first message after login looked like the attached image.

      The solution for me as the consultant was to wait for the user to login, email me about the lack of access, then I login to Adobe Analytics, add legacy groups to their Reports & Analytics login, and ask them to login again.

      As an end user admin, can I control which groups new users are automatically added to?