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    AAM: Audience manager request distribution to multiple dcs_regions


      Hi Team,

      We've implemented the AAM using Marketing Cloud services through integration code. Facing one challange because some of my website users are qualifing for expected segments while others are not even after these other users have same qualifing traits.

      On troubleshooting I found that my audience manager call for retrieving the segment is going to multiple dcs_regions (server side forwarding is implemented and I am seeing these multiple regions in analytic call response). Validated that some users are having correct segment on dcs_region: 8 and shows the targated content but whenever request goes to dcs_region 9 or 11 there these segments are not qualified and user see the default content. I've below questions -

      1. Is it expected behavior that AAM request can go to multiple dcs_regons. I am in NZ so, the nearest dcs_region is 8 (Sydney)?

      2. Can we configure our system to always send the request to one dcs_region for consistent user experience?

      3. Will it replicate the segment details from one dcs_region to another automatically, if yes what is ETA for that?