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    Enterprise Dashboard Access Denied

    Keith Elder Level 1

      Was wondering if anybody else has hit this problem; it's been going on for quite a while.

      We use Analytics and DTM.  Adobe has configured the marketing cloud for our company, and I can log in, make posts, and so on.  I'm the only user in our company that has accessed it so far (the other users just have analytics log-ins).

      I can't access the Enterprise Dashboard, though.  When I open it, I get "Access denied - You are not eligible to view this page."  It sounds like a permissions issue, but according to Adobe, my Adobe ID has full admin rights, and should be able to access it.  Client Care has recreated and confirmed the issue, but closed the ticket saying (paraphrasing) they don't know why it's broken, so we need to wait and hope that it will someday get fixed.  In the meantime, this effectively blocks my company from using any Marketing Cloud functionality; I can't manage or create any new users.

      Any thoughts?  Has this happened to anybody else?