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    Customer Attributes upload through "Profile and Audiences" (.csv+.fin or .zip, .gz) Vs "Audience Manager" using FTP (.sync or .overwrite files)

    DeepakJanga Level 1

      Dear Experts,

      I have experience of uploading the Customer attributes through "Profile and Audiences" using drag-drop and FTP features. The FTP guidelines says the allowed file types are .csv, .fin, .gz, .zip. Once it is uploaded and subscribed with Target and Analytics, the uploaded data signals starts appearing in Target and Analytics across the Marketing Cloud including Audience Manager.

      On the other hand, we have similar file upload in "Audience Manager" using FTP process which support .sync and .overwrite file types. We need to create the Data Source in Audience Manager for consuming these signals.

      Questions -

      1. What is the difference between these two different types of Customer Attribute upload process?
      2. What are the guidelines about which Customer Attribute upload approach should be chosen - please provide the applicable Business Use cases (When to use Profile and Audience, when to use Audience Manager)
      3. For Audience Manager, I can upload the files using FTP process only, Do we have any User Interface just like Profile and Audiences where we can upload the Customer Attributes.

      Below are the common questions for both approaches -

      1. Let's say, I uploaded the Customer Attribute. Is there any way/User Interface where I can validate the newly uploaded attributes and there values in Audience Manager or Profile & Audiences. How we should make sure that, data has been uploaded correctly. 
      2. During FTP file upload process, what is the rollback mechanism. For example, say I am uploading one set of Customer Attributes using .sync file and somehow system/server gets crash. Will it rollback all newly uploaded partial data or it will corrupt my existing Customer Attributes uploaded last time and I need to manually upload the last .sync file to restore previous state. 

      Kindly share your experience wherever applicable in above questoins, these are very common things which comes across on AAM project. It'll benefit entire community. Thanks in advance!