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    Rendering problem might be caused by Visitor ID Service


      What is the appropriate value for the Visitor ID Serivice timeout? Currently it's not set, default 30,000 [msec].

      I found there're terrible rendering problems by googlebot on my website!
      Google's "mobile friendly checker" and "Fetch as Google" cannot render my website correctly, returns bulk white page.

      I investigated the cause and reached the fact that Marketing Cloud ID Service might cause.
      A local crawler simulated the googlebot and it rendered the similar blunk page of my webpage, which don't crawl dpm.demde.net (ID Serivice server) according to the robots.txt.
      I forced it to ignore robots.txt and access to dpm.demdex.net (ID Serivice server), then the result showed the page correctly.

      Timeout value should be fixed propperly, but I'm warried about bad effect like poor accuracy.
      Can anyone tell me the value or range of value?


      My website uses Adobe Analytics, Target and Audience Manager w/ Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Serivice (grace period ON).

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          Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

          Hi Kunihiro,

          The recommended value for the time-out variable on the ID service is 30,000 miliseconds. Adobe has done extensive testing on the timeout value over the last year. Their findings showed that a very small percentage of visitors were actually "timing out". By changing the default value to 30,000 milliseconds, we've effectively eliminated the timeout. This ensures that you have accurate tracking across products and integrations.

          I've never heard of a content rendering problem being caused by the ID service. The ID service uses asynchronous calls by design so your content loading would not be impacted. The only scenario I've seen where content loading was impacted was content being delivered by Adobe Target. This is only an issue with older versions of the ID service where the visitor would timeout and Target would be waiting for the Marketing Cloud ID to be returned instead of proceeding with default content.

          I can't speak much on the Google bot since I don't have much information on how it works or what it's checking.



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            Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee


            Did you still need assistance with this issue? If not, can we mark my previous answer correct or do you need more information?