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    New Acquisition Marketing Links for Apps

    Lukasz Urban Level 1

      With the new format of an Acquisition Marketing Link, how can we dynamically add a tracking code so it's visible as the a.referrer.campaign.trackingcode in the First Launch lifecycle call?

      This is the current format:

      Is there for example a way to add a parameter to that URL with a tracking code or other custom context data?

      It used to be possible with older links. E.g.:

      https://c00.adobe.com/v3/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/start?a_i_id=xxxxxxx&a_i_lo=be&a_g_id=xxxxxxx&a_g_lo=nl&a_dd=i&ctxa.referrer.campaign.tra ckingcode=sample_tracking_code&ctxa.referrer.campaign.name=sample_tracking_name

      Is that format going to work properly in the future as well?