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    Can not deactivate a live In App Message


      I created an In-App message in one of our apps on the ~22nd May, this message is still live an appearing in our app but I can no longer (several days now) access it through the Adobe Marketing Cloud website.

      I can see the message under the "In-App Message Names" menu but when I try to click on it I get an error message :

      INFO No report is available for this In-App Message. Do you want to try with another company?

      The message is not visible under the "Manage In-App Messages" menu.

      This issue has persisted for several days now and it is becoming urgent that the message is deactivated.

      Any help would be appreciated.



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        Rahsing Level 4

        That's great Kevin :).

        Could you let us know what the issue was? For the benefit of the community so that if someone else faces such an issue, they have a direction to look in.