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    DTM Static Value to a variable

    kishoremcp Level 1


      I am new to DTM. I have the below javascript code which i placed in my webpage (index.html). 

      <script type="text/javascript">

      var analyticsPageData = {

      pageName:"Insert Page Name",




      I have created a data element with Type "JS Object" and set the path as "analyticsPageData.UserID"

      Now in Page load rules, I have mapped prop3=%UserID% (UserID is my data element name)

      however, when i try to see the end results it is not showing the UserID (prop3 as Kishore but it is showing as D=v3


      Any body can help me here please. Do I need to change anything in the path or it is something else which I am missing. If it is the path change, what should I keep it?

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        Rahsing Level 4


        You're question has been answered on the other thread that you've started here 

        Let's continue the discussion on that thread itself. I'm closing this one.