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    No Posters in 3-4 months

    TucsonJava Level 1
      I signed up for the Flex posters with my Flex Builder serial # with no problem. However, I have yet to receive any. I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with Adobe Customer Service and they had no clue as to what I was talking about. They did try to escalate the issue to another department when I got disconnected. This is not a big deal but it would be nice to have these as I think they could be useful in my work. Anybody from Adobe got any idea?

      Thanks, Mike
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          He-he, I signed up for posters as well - it was back in February, have not seen them yet.
          Also, I've been contacted by Adobe regarding my patch submission and have been offered a free t-shirt as "a token of appreciation". Have not seen it around as well :)

          I thought that I was ignored just because Down Under is so far away from California. Still, paying the around 40% more for Adobe's products entitles ozzies to get it via next business day delivery service.... I think...


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            mitchgrrt Level 1
            A co-worker got a set of posters, but it was for Flex 2 more than a year ago.
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              Mike J. Potter
              If you are having problems receiving your poster, please email me at mpotter@adobe.com and I'll look into it.

              The t-shirts are being created and will be sent out in November. I'll have Lyora send an email out to everyone to set expectations on when they should arrive.