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    Director Next Survey - Results are in

    Level 7
      Hi all,

      'Developing the Roadmap - Director Next Survey' results are live:

      I received 415 responses in section 1 and 2 and 303 spread out over the
      remaining questions. This gives a good representation of the Director

      In the Feature Ranking All section, I've just put a set of weighted
      average graphs so you can see how popular certain features/categories
      were in relation to each other.

      It will take a lot longer to collate the answers to the examples
      questions. I'm not sure if I'll put them online. If any of you are
      interested in more detail on specific questions, let me know. Feel free
      to discuss the results here or with me directly, I'll keep track of
      discussions and pass on all the info to Adobe.


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      email: d.utian@unsw.edu.au