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    on KeyUp change sprite and sound

      I made something in Flash and it works fine. Now I am trying to migrate it to Director.
      I need to have six sprites on the stage.. they are avi's and they loop. Each has a sound cast memebers associated with it. They are designed to run in synch.
      I would rather re do it from scratch in director thatn import the swf.But my lingo and understanding of Director is kinda almost zero.
      I can get the mouseUp to change a sprite but I need key board interactivity. And using key codes like (32) for spacebar etc
      I need to adapt this very basic instruction
      (The code is below)

      to this... onKeyDown change sprite "myClipOne" to member == "myClipTwo"
      and there is because there is a Play Sound behaviour attached to the "myClipOne" sprite I also need this
      on the same onKeyDown event to swap the sound from "mySoundOne" to you guessed it "mySoundTwo"

      Each of the movie sprites will have a bunch of keys associated with it. And pressing keys just changes the avi and the sound for each movie on the stage. Simple really but I am stuck with it.

      I need to use Director for this project and would be most grateful for any help.