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    Investigating which marketing platform suits us best?



      As an advertising agency we are analyzing which marketing platform suits our customers best. 

      In the past two weeks, I sent 3 emails to the consult request of Adobe Marketing Cloud and I still have no responding messages. This morning I tried to call the phone number +31 20 65 11 271, but the number was not in use. So here I am, trying to contact Adobe by their forum. 

      To find out which of our selected marketing platforms fits us best, we have some questions:

      1. What are the specifications and functionalities are per solution. (We read the PDF's, but if possible a overview with screenshots would be nice)
      2. Can we have a trial or demo, to test and view the work environment and see how everything works? (Without a demo or trial, we possibly can't decide to choose for Adobe)
      3. Do we need to train employees to use the Marketing Cloud?
      4. Are programming skill necessary?
      5. Why choose Adobe marketing cloud above other tools like Salesforce and SHIFT.
      6. We noticed pricing is only issued by phone or email, we tried both, so can you mail a price overview to us? (Don't say it can variate, we just need a global indication. We are a bit in a hurry!)
      7. If the payed package can be used for multiple customers. (If yes, what is the pricing for such a package?)

      Kind regards from the Netherlands,


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        Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee


        Apologies for the inconvenience and delay.

        We have contacted the sales team and informed them about your demo request. We hope to hear from them soon.